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Major Slowdown In Smartphone Industry—Report

The smart phone industry has been facing a serious slowdown and they are now coming up with a two-part plan to overcome this crisis. One is to put a new mobile phone into the market that has ability to transform itself into a tablet and the second way is by promoting mobile phones that can support the latest high-speed 5G technology.

However these two techniques will not be enough to make people throw away their present mobile phones if they are still in good working conditions. The biggest smart phone maker, Samsung had released a foldable smartphone Galaxy Fold at about $2000. However its commercial release was delayed owing to its early issues. The Chinese firm Huawei has also announced a foldable phone that will cost around $2,600.

People from London, Singapore and China were randomly asked to give their opinion on foldable smartphones through CNBC’s “Beyond The Valley” but their responses were not satisfying. One of the Chinese user said it was very strange. Another smart phone user from Singapore commented that it was bulky. One of the users from London said that she felt that phones are basically for calling, messaging and for connecting one with the world. She said that she didn’t feel the need to pay so much for a phone when she can get all the features she wants at a lower price.

International Data Corporation, a market research firm said that the shipment volumes of smart phones has gone through a 6.6% drop during first quarter of this year after experiencing a 4.9% drop in the last quarter of 2018. The Chief of Research at CCS Insight, Ben Wood said that the main problem faced by the smart phone producers today is that they all look almost the same with similar functions also. But this was not the case in the earlier days when there were great innovations both in the software as well as the hardware.

The US firm Verizon and 3 mobile carriers of South Korea have launched their 5G services the previous month. China and Japan are competing themselves to launch their versions. People all around the world are eagerly waiting to use the new 5G technology however it is said that it will take time as its infrastructure is only being built.

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