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Gender Equality A Distant Dream For America, Says Melinda Gates

For past two decades, Melinda Gates has put all her energy and will power in working for the foundation that she had co-founded with her husband, Bill Gates. She has roamed around the world to deal with health issues, poverty, hunger, other financial crisis and challenges in education. The foundation has paid $45.5 million grants in all these time that she met people, visited health care facilities, economists, scientists, doctors etc. One thing, however, stuck to her mind all the while. It was lack of women empowerment all across the globe. It even compelled her to write her first book. Travelling through Europe, India, China, Africa and Middle East, she felt that the foundation missed on the idea of implementing the role of women.

Witnessing all these, it also cleared to her the status of women in US. During an interview of May 7, 2019, she mentioned that US is very far away in terms of gender equality. Her book, Moment of Lift: How Empowering Women Changes the World has already become bestselling book of New York Times.

To indicate the extremely slow rate of growth in US in women, she said that even lower than 25% women constitute US Congress. Less than 5% of the CEO listed in Fortune 500 has women as their sole owner and just 2% acquire venture capital. It was difficult for her to keep her place in a male dominated work culture of Microsoft. However, she stood her ground for 9 years. A great example of gender miss was that there were 50% female farmers who had children to feed and that was almost forgotten in countries like Africa. Even in US, the myth of gender equality is around. However, that is nothing more than a misconception according to her. She also said that the labor input by all women at home in any country is not even considered as work.

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