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Apple, Google, Microsoft Signed Open Letter Condemning UK Proposal

An international collaboration of 47 major tech organizations, security and policy experts including various big giants like Google, Microsoft, apple, WhatsApp refused a proposal made by UK’s intelligence agency by stating that it may lead to unleashing of privacy and security of individuals and treating one’s fundamental rights.

GHCQ’s ghost protocol can create serious threats to one’s digital security so far. In case implemented, it can undermine the authentication process that allows the users to know that they are communicating with the right people. It may lead to unintentional vulnerabilities with an increased risk of abusing or misusing communication systems.

The risks of cybersecurity mean that the users can’t trust the communication as they won’t be able to know who is present on the other end of their interaction. The GCHQ’s idea for ghost protocol would be for the state intelligence or the law forcing agencies to be invisibly CC’d by the ones who provide service and get them an inlet in the encrypted communications only to those which are government authorized.

They argued that they are talking about suppressing the encryption or weakening it by any means. They are just stating about suppressing a notification on the targeted device and only the device or the one they are chatting. They said it as an entirely different proposition and claimed that it has nothing to do with the encryption.

A time back, the UK passed surveillance that provides state agencies with massive powers to sneak in the digital comms. Moreover, even WhatsApp’s robust end-to-end encryption can include of exploitable vulnerabilities, whereas GCHQ argues that lawful hacking isn’t a universal remedy to the government but only proved as a mere vulnerability.

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