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Tesla Stock Got The Best Boost Of The Year On Tuesday

On Tuesday, Tesla’s shared shot up by 8%. The company’s market capital, $34.2 billion rose by $2 billion. But still, it is the worst performer of the Nasdaq 100 Index due to the decrease in the value of its stocks by 42%. Comparatively, the S&P 500, Mylan N.V. is the worst performer with 35% decrease in its value.  As per analysis, the devaluation of Tesla is so worst that it has become good for it.

When Tesla went into cost-cutting mode, the analysts questioned its progress in China and demand for its vehicles, and eventually its stocks fell. Recently, the stocks of the company fell so low that it was valued less than the private venture of CEO Elon Musk, SpaceX whose latest funding is valued at $33.3 billion. Tesla revealed its intentions of raising $2 billion last month, of which Elon Musk intended to buy the stocks worth $10 million. But soon after this, he revealed to his employees via email that the money would only be sufficient to the company for 10 months if its expenses are not controlled. He also said that the cost-cutting instructions would be so minute that, he himself will review and sign the tenth page of each and every outgoing expense.

According to sources, the CEO mailed his employees informing them about the progress of Model 3 in its second-quarter productions. Also, Tesla is trying to gear up production of Model Y of SUV, a growing segment, by rearranging the car factory in Fremont, California. Although, the company’s financial condition continues to deteriorate with the tariffs in China.

According to Gene Munster, co-founder of the Loup ventures, the sales of Tesla will get down from 70,000 to 40,000. Decrease in the value of the company may demotivate the customers from buying its vehicles.

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