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World View Successfully Completes Longest Flight Of Stratospheric Balloon

World View released a statement announcing the completion of its longest flight ever undertaken by a stratospheric balloon, on June 5, which is ability usually capable only by satellites. Its balloon finished a flight lasting 16 days, beginning May 18 at Arizona and ending in Nevada on June 3. The previous record for Stratollite systems was 5 days. These details were announced by the company.

The Stratollite could also maintain the proper position and work through extended flights. It stayed with a 100-km diameter for around 24 hours and within 9 km for 6 and half hours, for multiple tests.

Ryan Hartman, CEO and President of the company World View stated the success was expected, with the 9 km diameter run being a major milestone. They weren’t sure of that operation going so well in their analysis, but were pleased by the end result.

No payloads were carried apart from one intended for testing purposes was added which stressed the system and challenged its stability like in real life. Power, weight and station-keeping maneuvers were tested by the payload. This helped in gauging the overall usefulness and utility of Stratollite systems.

Hartman has stated that his role was for branding Stratollite systems as a product for possible customers. They were planning to expand duration, enhance station-keeping abilities and improve performance. The current product was merely a stepping stone into a much larger market.

They had an unlimited list of possible applications for Stratollite to be used for. The Stratollite’s capabilities would make a proper difference, he stated. Although he didn’t give a detailed answer, disaster responses, weather events, and natural disasters are a field they’re looking to provide solutions in.

Although markets were ripe for such devices relating to Earth observation, enhanced duration and station-keep abilities increased the product value and market reach, he said.

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