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Jailed American Oil Executives In Venezuela Yet To Get Relief

Six oil executives from the United States who were held captive in a jam-packed prison in Venezuela for one and a half year were finally put up in the Court of Law on this Friday. However, that did little good for them as their appeal for a release was summarily dismissed by Judge Rosvelin Gil.

During the preliminary hearing, Judge Gil had accepted the request from Aramay Terán, the prosecutor that the 6 employees of Citgo, the company based in Houston be tried on charges of corruption against them. However, no date for their trial was finalized.

The decision came in as a hard blow for the family of the accused as it dashed any hopes whatsoever of the men to be released after 18 months of imprisonment. The families might have thought that finally, their men had got a chance to stand up in the court and prove their innocence to earn a quick release. However, that was not to be, after Judge Gil has previously canceled all the 15 earlier hearings without citing any reason behind his verdict.

The family of the Vice President of Citgo, Tomeu Vadell said in a statement that after 18 months of delay due to a lackluster process, the preliminary hearing was indeed a frustration and an absurd move on the part of the court.

The family further stated that Venezuela is unnecessarily victimizing an innocent individual, who is a beloved husband, and a legitimate candidate to enjoy freedom like anyone else. They claimed that they will continue their demand for an immediate as well as an unconditional release of Vadell.

The case has further run into rough weather following the deterioration of the relationship between Venezuela and the USA, after POTUS Trump had lashed out at the present government, headed by Nicolás Maduro, expressing his support for the opposition leader Juan Guaidó in his fight to topple the Maduro Government.

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