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Gen Z’s TikTok App Potential Ad Tool For Soaring Sales

Sale of a particular product in the “Strictly Curls” category of MAV Beauty Brands saw a sudden increase. MAV is an Ontario-based mother company of a number of brands, including Marc Anthony.

This sudden increase in sales can be actually attributed to a meme featuring the product and the brand, which went viral on TikTok, the hugely popular social media app mainly used to create and share short videos that continue playing in loops.

By the start of June, over 4 million video views with #srtrictlycurls” were circling on the social media, prompting to a 60 % rise in the sale of the Strictly Curls Curl Defining Lotion. Even other Strictly Curls products also saw a substantial increase in sales.

This is where the efficacy of social media apps like TikTok lies. In fact, users are all praise about the fun and addictiveness of using the app, while brands that produce consumer products are hugely going to benefit out of this app. This was just an example.

However, these are still the start of this newly introduced app and it is likely to face a lot of challenges in the coming future. One of the major challenges is the safety of brands while they are being used in this app. Recently, the makers of the app have issued a stern warning against posting pornographic materials or incidents of abuse and harassment on the site in various parts of the world.

Now, this is going to be a serious threat to the goodwill of the products that will feature on this site, if this continues. The makers hope that over time, the use of TikTok will get more matured and effective like other similar types of social media apps like Instagram and YouTube. TikTok officials have ensured that they have safety policies, community guidelines, and various protective measures in place for safeguarding the interests of brands featuring on the site.

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