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Women Have An Edge Over Men When It Comes To Remembering Conversations And Faces

If you’ve noticed your arguments with a person of your opposite gender, you would find them to have a completely different recollection of the events in the past. Research indicates that women remember things like faces and conversations better compared to men. They do possess better memory faculties compared to men when it’s about a few events from the past.

There are multiple memory types possessed by humans that are classified into various categories on the basis of their function. Each is vital for proper functioning in our day to day lives. Humans possess episodic memory, which allows recollection of past memories that they had personally experienced. But not all are blessed with it equally.

For instance, heterosexual couples may have scenarios where one recalls upsetting events perfectly while the other doesn’t even remember it. Most men do have a tendency to forget important events, anniversaries and so on. This research suggests that this may not be entirely their fault. Women, however, have high mental memory prowess when it comes to episodic memory.

There are multiple factors responsible for this ability. Age-based cognitive decline can weaken it, which can also cause dementia. The research, which was conducted in Sweden at Karolinska Institutet stated that the sex of a person could affect episodic memory recall.

However, as per a research study published in Psychological Bulletin, it’s likely that women remember episodic memories better compared to men, after analysis of hundreds of women and men for their abilities in episodic memory recall. The team was led by Prof. Herlitz, who analyzed well over 617 studies during 1973-2013, with a total participation of 1.2 million members.

Women remember speech memories, smells, object locations, movie events, sensory images, and faces. Men can remember navigational data and abstract information. This could have effects on their daily lives.

Future research could tell us how their experiences diverge during daily life.

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