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AT&T In The List To Cancel Galaxy Fold Phone Pre-Orders Following Best Buy & Samsung Action

On Thursday, June 13, 2019, AT&T announced its decision of canceling preorders of Samsung Galaxy Fold that were worth $2000 each. They will also offer an amount of $100 as compensation for customers who had ordered it beforehand.

Galaxy Fold, from Samsung, will mark the dawn of folding phones in the market. It was scheduled to be launched on April 26. However, the date has now been indefinitely postponed owing to breakage of review units during testing. One such test was also conducted by CNBC. When it came to CNBC’s unit, the screen began to flicker and subsequently, stopped working altogether. Samsung has confirmed that work regarding further improvements is underway, which should help in protecting the display screen from damage.

The mobile manufacturing giant immediately canceled all early orders which had been placed via its website, as soon as confirmation of its inability to ship these folding phones latest by May 31 came through. Following suit, orders were also canceled by Best Buy.

Speaking to CNBC, Samsung agreed to have made progress in the enhancement of Galaxy Fold. But they refused to confirm any new date of release date. As a result, the company has recently got in touch with the customers having placed pre-orders so to give them new information about other options as they move ahead.

A report made by the Yonhap Agency of News, based in Korea back in May had said that Samsung had the aim of launching the phone sometime in June. The mobile company had spoken in the affirmative sense back then and had promised a new date of release in the upcoming few weeks. Neither was any comment on the part of Samsung available on the swift cancellation effected by AT&T nor did they reveal a new date of launch for Galaxy Fold.

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